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A/VC 10 Compactor

Suitable 5 HP III Phase Motor.
Our Compactors are suitable for Civil and Construction industry a powerful yet convenient method of quick and perfect soil compaction.
Special Technical Features

  1. High working speed at low cost
  2. Maximum depth effect
  3. Easy to operate and less maintanance
  4. Easy change of amplitude and frequency to suit different soil
  5. High compaction capacity
  6. Throttle speed control
  7. Centrifugal clutch pulley
  8. Tyre for easy transportation
  9. Light weight
  10. Robust in design and construction
  11. High gradient capacity
  12. Self propelled
  13. Vibration proof steering handle
  14. Routing oil change and air filter
  15. Optional rubber mat or sheet can be fitted at basefor locker finish paving tiles and fragile materials.