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Honda Brush Cutters

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Honda Brush Cutter – the ideal solution for cutting dense undergrowth, unwanted weeds, pruning trees & trimming hedges.

Great at tackling those jobs which a mower can’t, a Honda Brush Cutter allows you to work through a full 360 degrees & are ideally suited to agriculture, horticulture, lawn/garden maintenance & landscaping sectors. The unique Honda mini 4-stroke engines are reliable, efficient and quiet, making them kinder to the environment yet offering you superb performance.

Quiet & lightweight Honda 4-stroke Brush Cutter delivers a heavyweight performance to tackle the jobs which mowers can’t. From heavy undergrowth to saplings, Honda Brush Cutter gives you total control!




Full Power

  • Delivers Highest power in its engine class
  • Ideal for heavy duty work due to high torque even at low rev.

Super Economy

  • Up to 50% economical as compared to 2-stroke engine based models

4-Stroke Over Head Camshaft Engine.

  • Powerful Engine
    • Highest output compared to engines of similar size.
    • Swift revolution response.
  • Cost efficent
    • Up to 50% economical as compared to 2-stroke engine based models.
  • Robust and durable
    • Suitable for tough and rugged terrains.
  • Ease of work
    • Light Weight
    • East start
    • Low vibration
  • Environment Friendly
    • New engine conforms to EPA2005 standard of US with respect to emissions
    • Low noise

The 4-Stroke Advantage